March News

Well – what to say about March?

You all know the big news that’s affecting us all. How are you coping during these times? If you’ve read my bio, you’ll see that I’ve called myself a would-be hermit, and if I’m completely honest I’m mostly enjoying this time where I can actually be a hermit because we can’t leave the house. I can’t say the same for my children, who are desperately missing their friends, and my husband’s job is considered essential so he’s still heading out into the world to work, which of course has it’s own worries.

Writing is the way I deal with most things, and March was no exception. I’ve been busily working away on a few different things, the most exciting of which is the publication of my novella ‘What the Tide Brings’, which will be released on 22 April! (Click here for more details).

In fact in looks like April is going to be a super busy month. Aside from finalising files/promotions/marketing etc for What the Tide Brings, I have two other anthologies to promote!


Black Hare Press is releasing it’s ‘Oceans’ Anthology on 14th April. This is a multi-genre collection of 100 dark drabbles (ie stories that are exactly 100 words), and contains my super short story: ‘The Consequences of Climate Change on the Merpeople’.

It’s already available for pre-order, so if this sounds like something you might like to read click here (and scroll down the page until you get to the ‘Download’ button).




Two days later, on the 16th April, Insignia Stories’ ‘Japanese Fantasy Drabbles’ will be up!

I have three stories in this collection of drabbles: ‘Emergency’, ‘Rescue’, and ‘Who Caught Who?’ which covers all sorts of stories inspired by Japanese Folklore as well as original fantasy and science fiction pieces, and I’m really looking forward to reading them!

Japanese Fantasy Drabbles is also available for preorder here.

If you’re a writer of short stories, Ray Daley is running his Story Submission Challenge again in May. Click here to go to his blog post for more information.

Stay safe everyone, and look after yourselves as best you can!



Your thoughts?

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