What the Tide Brings – Available NOW

Along the coast she-oaks and salt gums were interspersed with honeysuckle and clumps of blade grass. (a deleted phrase from 'What the Tide Brings' after the location was moved from Australia to Scotland)   Great News! What the Tide Brings is available now in both ebook and paperback (signed copies available too!). And up until … Continue reading What the Tide Brings – Available NOW

March News

Well - what to say about March? You all know the big news that's affecting us all. How are you coping during these times? If you've read my bio, you'll see that I've called myself a would-be hermit, and if I'm completely honest I'm mostly enjoying this time where I can actually be a hermit … Continue reading March News

Book Review – Catching Teller Crow by Ambelimn Kwaymullina and Ezekiel Kwaymullina

  There is so much to love about this story, and if I may be a bit geeky, the title is one of those things. It's so clever, because while the title as a whole makes sense, each word in the title is also the name of a character. Beth Teller is the first character … Continue reading Book Review – Catching Teller Crow by Ambelimn Kwaymullina and Ezekiel Kwaymullina

My favourite books of 2018

Some of my favourite books that I purchased this year...I don't think I've managed to post even one book review this year, though I've read so many fantastic books. So here's a list of my favourites. (Note: this is not necessarily a list of books published this year, but rather a list of my favourites … Continue reading My favourite books of 2018

The Tamar Valley Writers Festival

This is the follow up post from my post a month ago about Schools Day at the Tamar Valley Writers Festival. I have so much to write about this weekend, I almost don't know where to start! I attended seven sessions: Learning to Fly: Emerging Authors Garments of Time: the many Guises of History Numbers … Continue reading The Tamar Valley Writers Festival

#AWW2016 Round-up (Happy Mother’s Day!)

First up - Happy Mother's Day!! I hope you all get as spoiled as I did - breakfast and hot chocolate in bed, along with a wonderful home-made card and a bag of home made gifts -perfect! Just a short post this week. In my first post of the year I wrote about how I'd signed … Continue reading #AWW2016 Round-up (Happy Mother’s Day!)

Six Sentence Sunday – Published Stories #3

My third story for this series is called 'One' and was published on Free Flash Fiction's website in August of this year. Freya watched as they slept. Their bodies moving as muscles stretched and relaxed, rolling and turning to shift their weight from one side to another, always in the other’s embrace. “They move together,” … Continue reading Six Sentence Sunday – Published Stories #3

Six Sentence Sunday – Published Stories Series #1

I thought I'd start a series for Six Sentence Sunday of the  first six lines from the stories I've had published this year. The first is from Ermaline's Feast. This story received an honorary mention in Five Stop Story's April Competition As her wings shifted ever so slightly, the great beast turned, heading for the … Continue reading Six Sentence Sunday – Published Stories Series #1

The Next Big Thing – Blog Hop

Wow! I've just been tagged in my very first blog hop!!  Thanks so much to LaVerne Clark for tagging me! LaVerne writes Romance and has two brilliant e-books published. You can find more information about her and her books at her blog: http://www.laverneclark.blogspot.com.au/   There are blog hop rules: ****Give credit to the person/blog that tagged … Continue reading The Next Big Thing – Blog Hop

Six Sentence Sunday

  A friend of mine, Kelly, who blogs at Black Wings and White Paper, has recently joined in Six Sentence Sunday - the idea being to share the first 6 sentences of a story. I thought I'd join in too. The following is the first six sentences of Chapter 26 of my novella 'Red Sky'. It … Continue reading Six Sentence Sunday