More Stories by Me

Today I have had two more stories published!

“One” at

One is a flash fiction – just over 400 words. It is a fantasy, telling the story of the Norse God’s desire to destroy the world and start again and Freya’s attempt to save it.


“Sanctuary” at (If you like this one, you can click the blue heart at the bottom!) 🙂

Sanctuary is a little different to my more recent writing. I wrote Sanctuary about 5 years ago, at a guess, and while looking through my old work thought it would be a good length to submit to the Five Stop Story monthly competition. I gave it a quick edit, but was not confident that it would receive an award of any sort – so the Honorary Mention was most unexpected!

7 thoughts on “More Stories by Me

      1. I didn’t notice 🙂

        Do you have any more secret work we haven’t seen before? If it’s as good as that you should be editing and submitting!

        1. Ha – lol – I have some old stories – I’ve been re-reading and editing a few – actually one of the ones I submitted to IAI is an old one – ‘Pray to the Moon’.

          1. Lol – I sort of forgot about them, and then when I remembered I mostly dismissed them. I have re-read a lot of my old stories several times over, and done a few minor edits- but mostly I cringe when I read them. I guess this shows they aren’t as bad as I thought they were! 🙂

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