Belated Celebrations

January and the beginning of February was an interesting time for me, with some news that I thought I was coping quite well with, though in hindsight perhaps I was not... but all's good now (I think), and there were a few good things that happened that I want to mention: First, myself and two … Continue reading Belated Celebrations

Feel like your story isn’t ready?

So, I've finished a story. It's been edited several times over, and is as good as I can get it, for this moment at least.  Sometimes I know a story is good when I send it out, most times I don't - most times I feel embarrassed that I am sending out such drivel!! Sometimes … Continue reading Feel like your story isn’t ready?

20 Days to go….

It's almost that time again!! Time for what you ask? NANOWRIMO of course! I love it! I've been checking out the website today - there's the Nano Video which has that awesome soundbite at the beginning and end. Let me tell you - that sound is one of my favourite sounds ever. Whenever I hear … Continue reading 20 Days to go….

The Harpist – New Flash Fiction Story

Just a short post today to celebrate another publication!! The Harpist is a flash fiction piece about a young girl, forced into harp lessons and now a great harp competition, by her overzealous mother. The story shows how she takes control of the situation and finds the positives in something she has been dreading. Published … Continue reading The Harpist – New Flash Fiction Story

More Stories by Me

Today I have had two more stories published! "One" at One is a flash fiction - just over 400 words. It is a fantasy, telling the story of the Norse God's desire to destroy the world and start again and Freya's attempt to save it. and "Sanctuary" at (If you like this one, you can click … Continue reading More Stories by Me

Small Successes! :)

I just found out last night that my short story 'Sanctuary' has received an honorary mention in Five Stop Story's June Competition! It will be published on their site later this month. I'll keep you posted! 🙂 (

How to get good? Write 10 novels.

I have read several times over that the best way to become a successful author is to write 10 novels. Not publish - write. After 10 novels, the story goes, you are practiced and proficient enough to get it right. One author said she never bothered editing the first 9 - she just reread them to see … Continue reading How to get good? Write 10 novels.

Saturn Return?

Image: suphakit73 / I hadn't heard of this till the other day - a facebook friend commented on how the Saturn Return had definitely visited her. What? So I googled it, of course, to find that every 30ish years Saturn returns to the same place in your natal chart as it was when you … Continue reading Saturn Return?