Maggie and the Selkie – intro

I've been super busy behind the scenes here, working on a few novellas I hope to publish later this year. The first will be a slightly adapted version of my novella 'What the Tide Brings', which was printed by The People's Library for their project in 2018. Part of what I have been doing is … Continue reading Maggie and the Selkie – intro

Book Review – The Binding by Bridget Collins

    This book is absolutely spell-binding, in so many ways! It follows the story of Emmett, a farmer's son who is summoned to be an apprentice for a binder - a woman who removes people's most terrible memories and binds those memories into a book, which she then locks away in a vault to … Continue reading Book Review – The Binding by Bridget Collins

Book Review: The River Wife by Heather Rose

  This story has been on my 'To Read' list for such a long time, and I'm so glad I finally got to read it. It's a beautiful love story/folk tale of a River Wife - fish by night, human by day - her human father, and the human man she falls in love with. … Continue reading Book Review: The River Wife by Heather Rose

Six Sentence Sunday – Published Stories #3

My third story for this series is called 'One' and was published on Free Flash Fiction's website in August of this year. Freya watched as they slept. Their bodies moving as muscles stretched and relaxed, rolling and turning to shift their weight from one side to another, always in the other’s embrace. “They move together,” … Continue reading Six Sentence Sunday – Published Stories #3

More Stories by Me

Today I have had two more stories published! "One" at One is a flash fiction - just over 400 words. It is a fantasy, telling the story of the Norse God's desire to destroy the world and start again and Freya's attempt to save it. and "Sanctuary" at (If you like this one, you can click … Continue reading More Stories by Me