Camp Nano! 4 days in

I love Camping. The fire, the fresh air, the lack of stuff separating me from the natural world. There’s a freedom to it, I think. Though I don’t think I could live that way permanently – through storms and rains and wind. No electricity – no laptop – no internet.

Camp Nano is the next best thing. It’s imagining that I’m away at camp – breathing the fresh air, smelling the bush smells, enjoying the freedom. While being safely ensconced in my home – by the warmth of the fire, with the convenience of the internet, and Word. I type fast – I’ve been gradually increasing my speed over the years of doing Nano, and I can churn out 2500 words in half an hour – if I’m on a roll. I haven’t so far this Camp Nano, but I’m sure I’ll get there in the end. If I had to write on paper I dread to think how long it would take me, though I’m thinking of challenging myself to the task next Camp Nano (next year). For now I want to focus on typing my story.

I’ve done well so far. I have a personal goal for August Nano of 60,000 words, 2000 per day, and I’ve reached it so far. Yay! What’s better is I exceeded it this morning: 4340 words. And more in me – I want to reach 5000 today, it’s only 660 words to go, I’m sure I could do it. But the housework is piling up – dishes from yesterday need to be washed, and wet clothes are waiting to be hung out to dry… the guilt is crippling!

Ha! No – no crippling housework guilt here. Bugger it – I’ll do it later. After I reach my 5000 words!

(I’ll post a comment below later to let you know how I go!)

5 thoughts on “Camp Nano! 4 days in

  1. 600wds is nothing for Queen Heather!

    BTW, have you ever timed how long it takes to do things like dishes etc? Like, 3-5mins! I wouldn’t stress about housework on w/es anyway, you can always catch up Mon morning.

  2. Done! 🙂 and I ended up with 5495 words all up so that’s even better!!

    Kelly – the dishes at our place always take longer – there are the many many cups and bowls and plates and cutlery that the kids use during the day to make themselves snacks. And then there are the dishes you find after you think you’ve washed everything and emptied the sink. Lol. And it’s better to get it done while there are no kids in the house – my daughter loves to help wash up – which actually just means play in the soapy water – so that extends it even longer and often means she also washes herself (clothes and all) and the floor as well lol.

  3. I still haven’t folded the washing from last weekend 🙂

    BUT – I did finish my novel today and sent it off to the editor about 10 minutes ago. The only bad thing about this is I now have time to fold the washing 😦

  4. Lol Dianne – yes the washing is piling up here too – there is still a wet load in the washing machine from yesterday. Oops.

    Congratulations on finishing your novel!! That is a great achievement! 🙂

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