Book Giveaway!! – Kate Morton “The Secret Keeper”

  In a bucolic English summer at the end of the 1960s, a young girl witnesses a shocking crime. Fifty years later, she sets out to find out the truth, uncovering layers of mystery and deception. Moving from London during the Blitz to the present day, this is classic Kate Morton: a compulsively-readable, entrancing mystery … Continue reading Book Giveaway!! – Kate Morton “The Secret Keeper”

Camp Nano! 4 days in

I love Camping. The fire, the fresh air, the lack of stuff separating me from the natural world. There's a freedom to it, I think. Though I don't think I could live that way permanently - through storms and rains and wind. No electricity - no laptop - no internet. Camp Nano is the next … Continue reading Camp Nano! 4 days in

Old Stories and New Writing…

The scariest moment is always just before you start. Stephen King Oh yes indeed it is - especially when you sit down to write with no idea of what you will write about. That is what I am facing in one and a half days time - with Camp Nano starting and me having no ideas. … Continue reading Old Stories and New Writing…


So much news I'm not sure where to start!! So I'll start with the news I completed Camp Nano last Tuesday 19th June!!! Final word count 50,997. I thoroughly enjoyed writing this story, a pirate/fantasy story currently titled 'Red Sky'. I look forward to coming back and editing it in a month or two. For anyone who … Continue reading Success!!

My Progress

For those of you interested in following my progress - Camp Nano is going well. I had a brilliant night last night - getting almost 3000 words down in a couple of hours. Night time is definitely my writing time. My muse finds me, and the story just flows!! The only thing holding me back … Continue reading My Progress

One Chapter at a time…

Writing a story a chapter a day is... interesting, to say the least. In the past I have always just sat down to write, and worried about chapters later. I have also, where possible, just kept on writing, getting those words out while they were flowing. This time, I'm not. I'm limiting myself. Once I … Continue reading One Chapter at a time…

Camping is fun!

I have signed up for, and started Camp Nano. Having never been virtual camping before I wasn't really sure what to expect. But somehow, strangely enough, it does have a 'camp-y' sort of feel to it! I have a cabin which I 'share' with 5 others. They are all at least 10 years younger than me, (with … Continue reading Camping is fun!