Camp Nano! 4 days in

I love Camping. The fire, the fresh air, the lack of stuff separating me from the natural world. There’s a freedom to it, I think. Though I don’t think I could live that way permanently – through storms and rains and wind. No electricity – no laptop – no internet.

Camp Nano is the next best thing. It’s imagining that I’m away at camp – breathing the fresh air, smelling the bush smells, enjoying the freedom. While being safely¬†ensconced¬†in my home – by the warmth of the fire, with the convenience of the internet, and Word. I type fast – I’ve been gradually increasing my speed over the years of doing Nano, and I can churn out 2500 words in half an hour – if I’m on a roll. I haven’t so far this Camp Nano, but I’m sure I’ll get there in the end. If I had to write on paper I dread to think how long it would take me, though I’m thinking of challenging myself to the task next Camp Nano (next year). For now I want to focus on typing my story.

I’ve done well so far. I have a personal goal for August Nano of 60,000 words, 2000 per day, and I’ve reached it so far. Yay! What’s better is I exceeded it this morning: 4340 words. And more in me – I want to reach 5000 today, it’s only 660 words to go, I’m sure I could do it. But the housework is piling up – dishes from yesterday need to be washed, and wet clothes are waiting to be hung out to dry… the guilt is crippling!

Ha! No – no crippling housework guilt here. Bugger it – I’ll do it later. After I reach my 5000 words!

(I’ll post a comment below later to let you know how I go!)