Beloved Books

If I had one wish, it would be for the ability to freeze time as I pleased so that I might stop and enjoy a book – whether an old friend or new adventure – whenever I felt the urge.

I compiled a list of my most beloved books to add as a page here on my blog. I imagined it would be a brief list, but I found I couldn’t  pick favourites! In the end I have come up with three lists: Most Beloved Books, Other Favourites, and Favourites from my Children’s Collection. But in the process of browsing through my bookshelf I found I wanted to read them all again! And I still have an ever growing list of books I haven’t yet read once!  And lets not forget the stories I have simmering away inside me, waiting to be written!  People say they would not like to live forever! How else will we have time for all these stories, if we don’t ! (Note: anyone out there with either the secret of immortality or the ability to pause time, feel free to contact me!)

And before I forget. I have also added a new page (a few weeks ago now) of my publications. It’s only very short at present – with a bit of luck it will soon grow!

2 thoughts on “Beloved Books

  1. This is great, Heather! I’m wanting to put more pages in my site as well – now you’ve inspired me 🙂 I have a friend who has so many books (I seriously don’t know how he reads them all!) that he had to buy a cataloguing system for his computer to keep track of them! When he gets a new book he scans it and it goes into his catalogue. I may do something like that one day!

    1. Thanks Dianne! 🙂 I like your friends idea. My partner and I have a very large bookcase each – full of books, and then there are the books across the tall boy, and the ones on the bed side table, and then there’s the boxes of books, and then there are the ones on my children’s bookshelf – I’m thinking we aren’t too far away from needing a cataloging system ourselves!!

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