Tamar Valley Writers Festival 2016

Last weekend was the Tamar Valley Writers Festival - two days (well, for me - there were other events on other days too), of non-stop panels and book-signings and networking! Those of you who've been following my blog for a while now, may remember that around this time two years ago I attended the Festival of … Continue reading Tamar Valley Writers Festival 2016

Beloved Books: or, what to save in the event of a bushfire…

Earlier this year our house was threatened by bush fire. (A fire that, sadly,  is still raging; devastating some of Tasmania's most amazing forests). Now when I say 'threatened', the fire was 25-30 km away as the crow flies. It never got close enough for us to see any flames, but it was almost unbearably smokey for … Continue reading Beloved Books: or, what to save in the event of a bushfire…

Season’s Greetings!

Merry Christmas, Happy Solstice, etc etc to all my readers! Hope you all have the opportunity to gather with loved ones and celebrate. This year has been amazing and I am thankful for so many things: First and foremost, of course, is my family - my partner, who supports  and encourages me  in all things, and … Continue reading Season’s Greetings!

Beloved Books

If I had one wish, it would be for the ability to freeze time as I pleased so that I might stop and enjoy a book – whether an old friend or new adventure – whenever I felt the urge. I compiled a list of my most beloved books to add as a page here … Continue reading Beloved Books

How to get good? Write 10 novels.

I have read several times over that the best way to become a successful author is to write 10 novels. Not publish - write. After 10 novels, the story goes, you are practiced and proficient enough to get it right. One author said she never bothered editing the first 9 - she just reread them to see … Continue reading How to get good? Write 10 novels.