In Conversation with Elizabeth Gilbert

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to hear Elizabeth Gilbert speak about creativity. In conversation with Tasmanian author Heather Rose, Liz told us all about her creative life, which she has written about in her book 'Big Magic'. I sat in the dark theatre, scrawling largely spaced notes into my notebook, hoping not to overlap notes on a page I couldn't see. … Continue reading In Conversation with Elizabeth Gilbert

A Novel’s Inspiration

This: Just over three years ago this scene, in the middle of a paddock, in the middle of the bush, miles from anywhere, triggered an image that has developed a novel-length story. Tentatively entitled 'On Demon's Shores', my first view of the story was a woman, crying over a grave very similar to this. She'd been … Continue reading A Novel’s Inspiration

The Meaning of Death

I have been busy, again, this month. UTAS - the University of Tasmania - has been offering free units and one in particular piqued my interest. The Meaning of Death: “This subject will take you on a rich, challenging and stimulating journey through Literature, Philosophy and History. We explore some of the many ways in … Continue reading The Meaning of Death

Another Nano Success…

Nanowrimo is done and dusted for another year... the actual event at least. For me the end of November marked 52,000 words through my 80,000 word manuscript- a success in terms of reaching Nanowrimo's goal of 50,000 words in a month, and I have to admit that I'm feeling pretty good about my progress thus far. … Continue reading Another Nano Success…

November = National Novel Writing Month!

  The year draws to an end, and once again it's time for the biggest event on the writer's calendar (well, mine at least). This is the eighth year I've participated in Nanowrimo, though for the second time I'm rebelling, and working on my current historical novel. At 80,000 words, my aim it to have it … Continue reading November = National Novel Writing Month!

Draft 6 – Finished… for now

For over two years now I've been working on a historical fiction - tentatively titled 'On Demon's Shores' (It's a play on words for 'Van Diemen's Land'). A couple of months ago I opened it up again, after putting it aside for 3-4 months, and began to read through the drivel... and there was plenty! I took … Continue reading Draft 6 – Finished… for now

Review – The Alphabet of Light and Dark – Danielle Wood

" is often the silent who end up with the task of the telling. Perhaps it's because, undeafened by the sound of their own voices, they've heard so much more." Yes, I'm reviewing another of Danielle Wood's books. 🙂 I recently finished reading 'The Alphabet of Light and Dark', and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This book … Continue reading Review – The Alphabet of Light and Dark – Danielle Wood

Nanowrimo 2014

This was my seventh year of NanoWrimo. It was a struggle this year. With a 4-month old baby, and the stress of the impending closure of my children's most wonderful school, I wasn't sure I would make it. In the last couple of weeks, I seemed to be constantly a day behind, and I kept finding … Continue reading Nanowrimo 2014

if I should lose you – Natasha Lester – Review #aww2014

I've been following the blog of Australian Author, Natasha Lester for a while now. She has some great content, and her books have been on my reading list for some time. But it was this blog post that propelled her novel 'if I should lose you' to the top of my TBR list. In the post, Natasha … Continue reading if I should lose you – Natasha Lester – Review #aww2014

Festival of Golden Words, Beaconsfield, Tasmania

This weekend I attended the Festival of Golden Words, in Beaconsfield, Tasmania. It is the first time a writer’s festival has ever been held so close to my home, and I had such a brilliant time. I started off with a workshop on getting published, which confirmed a lot of what I’d read elsewhere, but … Continue reading Festival of Golden Words, Beaconsfield, Tasmania