November = National Novel Writing Month!



The year draws to an end, and once again it’s time for the biggest event on the writer’s calendar (well, mine at least). This is the eighth year I’ve participated in Nanowrimo, though for the second time I’m rebelling, and working on my current historical novel. At 80,000 words, my aim it to have it edited ready to send out to beta readers by the end of the month  though the rate I’m going it will be lucky if it’s done before the end of the year! Editing has always been  a slower process for me, as I imagine it is for every writer (well – those who don’t edit as they go – I guess), and this time has been no different.

The month started out well. Despite the fact my opening scene was written only two months ago it seems to fit the story well, and needed little editing. The next few scenes were the same, and even when I found a few scenes that needed a little more work I still completed each one with the feeling of satisfaction – that maybe, just maybe, the words were finally forming the story they are meant to tell.

And then I hit Week 2. The scenes feel a little forced – I feel there is some important underlying thing that I’m missing, and no matter how much I edit and write and think and edit some more it’s not coming to me – this missing thing, this thing that will let the story flow, and not force it along…

So I’m tidying up those scenes – just a little – and moving on to the next scene, and the next. And hopefully by the end I will discover what it is those scenes need. And if I can’t find it – perhaps my beta readers will unlock the missing thing…

So I come to this mid-way point, having lost that feeling of satisfaction and achievement I felt at the beginning of the month, but plodding on none-the-less… always thinking about the story, about what it needs and where it’s going…

2 thoughts on “November = National Novel Writing Month!

  1. Good plodding. 🙂 How’s it going? Where is November going? (Hi, btw. Cheating by sending hellos through word press when I owe you emails.) Keep calm and plod on.

    1. Cheating noted. Lol. 🙂 Editing is going slow – had a few moments of ‘am I ever going to get this finished?’, but I’m about half way through now I think… still lots of improvements needed…

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