May News

This month has had some particularly difficult moments, and I’m not going to say more about that, except that you should *always* trust your instincts!

I originally intended to take part in Ray Daley’s story submissions challenge (if you missed my last post the aim of the challenge was to submit a story a day). In the end I managed to submit 5, (which is still better than my usual aim of one per week), and have rejections from four of them. One of those rejections came with very positive feedback, which was very exciting! 🙂 Fingers crossed for #5!

My writing slowed down significantly this month, too, though I did open the next story I hope to publish to do another round of edits on it. It needs quite a bit of work still, so it won’t be out anytime soon, but it is on it’s way!

And something exciting to end this post with – you might remember that my story ‘Klaria’s Battle’, was accepted for the ‘Cancer’ zodiac anthology? Well that will be out on 20th June!

If you’re keen to check out the others in the series (and other books published by Australian speculative-fiction publisher DeadSet Press), you can find (most of?) them here.

Your thoughts?

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