6 Sentence Sunday – A Sustainable Dream

I am so excited to announce that one of my favourite stories has been accepted for publication at narratorAustralia. It will be available on their website (http://www.narratoraustralia.com/) on 19th May 2013 (next Sunday!) narratorAustralia publishes writing and poetry by authors residing in Australia – everyday there is something new to check out!

A Sustainable Dream was written for a competition: Todorov’s Equilibrium. Tzvetan Todorov is a philospher who argues that all stories follow a structure – the story starts with the characters in a place of calm and equilibrium. This happy lifestyle is turned upside down by an event, and the characters then have to fight their way back to a place of equilibrium again, though slightly different to the first.

Without any further babbling – here are the first 6 sentences of ‘A Sustainable Dream’.

Kayla took her coffee to the veranda and sat back in the old rocking chair, looking out as she did to survey the landscape. The scene before her was one she had imagined so often: lush gardens; trees laden with fruit; vines, canes and bushes overloaded with berries; a forest of colour as vegetables grew to abundance. Tiny blue wrens and robins with their bright red breast flew from tree to tree; wattle birds fed on the cyclamen and higher above a flock of black cockatoos screeched their way across the sky. Beyond towered the mountains, their colour ever changing with the seasons and the light.

The beauty of it all still caught Kayla, the realisation of a life’s dream. She had worked so hard to have her own slice of heaven; juggling two jobs while James was raised by his teachers during the day and her parents most other times.


To read more: check out narratorAustralia next Sunday!


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