Better Late than Never…

Last week was the first week in a very long time I did not have a post scheduled and ready to go on Sunday morning. When I'm really organised, I write several posts at once, and schedule them for the coming weeks. When I'm not so organised - as has been the case over the last couple of weeks - … Continue reading Better Late than Never…

6 Sentence Sunday – A Sustainable Dream

I am so excited to announce that one of my favourite stories has been accepted for publication at narratorAustralia. It will be available on their website ( on 19th May 2013 (next Sunday!) narratorAustralia publishes writing and poetry by authors residing in Australia - everyday there is something new to check out! A Sustainable Dream was … Continue reading 6 Sentence Sunday – A Sustainable Dream

More from the garden

This is my third attempt at growing pumpkins... I have never had much success before, and although I still would not count this one as a great success either I am proud to actually have a pumpkin shaped pumpkin. We ate the small one (it's about about palm sized) and about a quarter of the … Continue reading More from the garden

Home Grown Vegies!

Gardening is another one of my... well not passions, but certainly an interest. I love the idea of growing food for my family, but sadly I lack the motivation to keep up with the weeds and the watering so the results are never as good as they could be. Still I managed to get a … Continue reading Home Grown Vegies!