Better Late than Never…

Last week was the first week in a very long time I did not have a post scheduled and ready to go on Sunday morning. When I’m really organised, I write several posts at once, and schedule them for the coming weeks. When I’m not so organised – as has been the case over the last couple of weeks – I write them Thursday night.

cooking by candlelight
‘Cooking by Candlelight’ taken by my 10 year old.


That was my plan for last week, too. Unfortunately other things got in the way. Thursday morning we woke up with no power. This lasted all day, until around 3 we got a courtesy call from Tas Networks letting us know the power wouldn’t be on that night – they were letting us know so we could find somewhere else to stay if need be. (Which, I must say, is absolutely brilliant service). Thankfully having no power is not really a problem for us – we have a combustion stove – which means hot water as well as cooking and heating, and in our spare time we make and sell beeswax candles, so there was no shortage of lighting either. I was concerned about the chest freezer, but it seems to have been full enough to have survived (I didn’t open it at all while the power was out.)

The ice-cream didn’t make it. That was in the fridge-freezer, and by Friday afternoon had turned into thick shake. Concerned with unnecessary waste (it was almost a full tub) the kids kindly offered to finish it off with the help of some friends who dropped in.

The power was back on late Friday night, and Saturday morning gave me just enough time to do the three loads of washing that had somehow accrued over the two days, and make myself a cuppa at lunch time, before going out again for the rest of the day, coming back on around 6:30. I was feeling very unmotivated, and decided I could whip up a quick blog post Sunday morning, but waking up Sunday morning the power was off, again!

It was probably a good thing, really. Saturday and Sunday were sunny and warm, and I got several hours of weeding done in the garden, helped by my two year old who spent a good deal of time replanting the weeds I’d just pulled, and insisting I examine the worms we found as we turned over the soil… and then there was splashing in the stream that forms whenever we have a lot of rain…

Splashing in puddles

And I had intended to post this during the week, but it’s been one of those weeks, and I still don’t have a new blog post for Sunday (despite having two half-written book reviews, and three-quarters of a post about my nomination for the Leibster Award – thank you Alisdair Daws – 🙂 I’m getting to it!), so this is my blog post for Sunday! Happy Sunday!! 🙂 Hope everyone has a relaxing day! 😀

6 Sentence Sunday – A Sustainable Dream

I am so excited to announce that one of my favourite stories has been accepted for publication at narratorAustralia. It will be available on their website ( on 19th May 2013 (next Sunday!) narratorAustralia publishes writing and poetry by authors residing in Australia – everyday there is something new to check out!

A Sustainable Dream was written for a competition: Todorov’s Equilibrium. Tzvetan Todorov is a philospher who argues that all stories follow a structure – the story starts with the characters in a place of calm and equilibrium. This happy lifestyle is turned upside down by an event, and the characters then have to fight their way back to a place of equilibrium again, though slightly different to the first.

Without any further babbling – here are the first 6 sentences of ‘A Sustainable Dream’.

Kayla took her coffee to the veranda and sat back in the old rocking chair, looking out as she did to survey the landscape. The scene before her was one she had imagined so often: lush gardens; trees laden with fruit; vines, canes and bushes overloaded with berries; a forest of colour as vegetables grew to abundance. Tiny blue wrens and robins with their bright red breast flew from tree to tree; wattle birds fed on the cyclamen and higher above a flock of black cockatoos screeched their way across the sky. Beyond towered the mountains, their colour ever changing with the seasons and the light.

The beauty of it all still caught Kayla, the realisation of a life’s dream. She had worked so hard to have her own slice of heaven; juggling two jobs while James was raised by his teachers during the day and her parents most other times.


To read more: check out narratorAustralia next Sunday!


More from the garden

This is my third attempt at growing pumpkins… I have never had much success before, and although I still would not count this one as a great success either I am proud to actually have a pumpkin shaped pumpkin. We ate the small one (it’s about about palm sized) and about a quarter of the larger one last night, and there should be enough for at least one more meal of pumpkin from the rest… so, a small success – and I’ll just keep on trying again. 🙂

Home Grown Vegies!

Gardening is another one of my… well not passions, but certainly an interest. I love the idea of growing food for my family, but sadly I lack the motivation to keep up with the weeds and the watering so the results are never as good as they could be. Still I managed to get a few meals out the peas and beans (and most of the peas were devoured fresh by my children before they ever made it inside), and my garlic harvest (so far, I haven’t yet dug up the whole garlic bed yet) has had a 50% success rate. There were enough raspberries and currants for the kids to snack on, and we got 1 strawberry from the plant my son was given at school. There was plenty of silver beet (several meals worth still in the freezer). And we got to eat one or two lettuces before they went to seed. We have a small pumpkin (well technically 3 small pumpkins but the other two are miniscule and as the first frosts are coming soon they won’t get big enough to eat (I’m assuming…)) which should be enough for at least one meal – I’m hoping two. My four tomato plants that I planted, along with the half a dozen others that self seeded, have resulted in 3 tomatoes 😦 And the brocolli… well… I did get one feed of brocolli, but I’m thinking what I planted was something else – broccolini perhaps – because while it looked similar to broccoli it was definately not.

What has surprised me though, are my carrots! I’ve pulled out a few now – I’ve had the odd failure, things that are more the shape and size of a radish, but mostly they have been good, straight carrots, if a bit small. Yesterday I pulled a few more, another stumpy one, and some good ones. But then there was the big one – it looked a decent size from the top – but I just wasn’t sure. I thought I might get another stumpy one, so was preparing myself for the disappointment.


My photo doesn’t really do it justice, but it was a big one! I was so pleased. I added it to the bolognaise yesterday, which I managed to double with a portion of a massive zucchini given me by a friend. So, plan for today is to dig out some more carrots, and use up some of the silver beet and zucchini and make up a vegetarian lasagne. Hoping to make two so that I can freeze one for later. Yum! 🙂