Six Sentence Sunday #7 – Nanowrimo

This is the start of Chapter 19. The story is beginning to feel stuck again, a little dull.

The next morning I awoke, fear heavy in my heart. The other ‘maids were already up, and the cave was deserted. More than ever I wished I could get to the surface, to feel the fresh air on my face and see the stars. I longed to feel the familiar rock of water beneath my ships hull, to hear the creak of the timbers, the soft inaudible chatter (wrong word… murmuring?) of the men (crew!).

I had become an Undine to better look after my son, and what was I doing instead, abandoning him to live with strangers, while I was here, failing to carry out a promise to a dead woman, made after she’d passed. This was ridiculous.

I’m hoping this will help me get back on track. But where Red Sky seemed a breeze to write, and a relative breeze to edit, I think the sequel will need lots of rewriting to bring it up to standard…

2 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday #7 – Nanowrimo

  1. I’m sure it’s going better than you think, Heather. Maybe you have mid-month blues? he he!

    I’m looking forward to reading it anyway, so don’t stress, just let the story tell itself!

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