Six Sentence Sunday #7 – Nanowrimo

This is the start of Chapter 19. The story is beginning to feel stuck again, a little dull.

The next morning I awoke, fear heavy in my heart. The other ‘maids were already up, and the cave was deserted. More than ever I wished I could get to the surface, to feel the fresh air on my face and see the stars. I longed to feel the familiar rock of water beneath my ships hull, to hear the creak of the timbers, the soft inaudible chatter (wrong word… murmuring?) of the men (crew!).

I had become an Undine to better look after my son, and what was I doing instead, abandoning him to live with strangers, while I was here, failing to carry out a promise to a dead woman, made after she’d passed. This was ridiculous.

I’m hoping this will help me get back on track. But where Red Sky seemed a breeze to write, and a relative breeze to edit, I think the sequel will need lots of rewriting to bring it up to standard…

Six Sentence Sunday # 5 – Nano!!

Oops! Running a bit late for Six Sentence Sunday today!

Today I thought I would show you the first six sentences of my Nano novel. It’s a sequel to the novella I wrote in June for Camp Nano.

A stabbing pain shot down both legs, and I collapsed back to the cold, damp sand. I gritted my teeth, my son did not need to see his mother in pain, though he must’ve sensed it for he dragged himself over to me, his tail leaving an imprint in the sand. My sweet boy, put a pudgy arm around my shoulders, his chubby face tight with concern. Though I did not mean to, I threw him off as another bolt shot up my spine.

“No.” A moan escaped my lips, as wave after wave of agony swept over my body.

I’ll post more snippets of my story over the coming weeks. Enjoy! 😀

(And incase you’re wondering how the writing is going – we went away camping for the weekend, and DS missed out on doing today’s writing, though he did manage 53 words yesterday. I managed 1000 words yesterday, and am just starting today’s writing now, at 9:30pm… I only need about 900 words today to get back on track, as I wrote so much on Day 1, and a little extra on Day 2. Wish me luck!!) 😀

Don’t forget, I have four copies of The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton to give away this month, all you have to do to get your name in the draw is comment on any post! :D (For more info check out this post)

Six Sentence Sunday – Published Stories #4

The final story of this series is ‘The Harpist’. This story probably shocked me the most – I submitted it one night for publication on the 1000words blog, and when I awoke the next morning it had been published!

Hannah listened in awe as the harpist before her set his fingers to the strings and began to play. She knew Emmanuel had skill, but his performance today far surpassed any she had heard from him before. This lad was her greatest rival, and yet on the odd times they had spoken she had found him funny, off-beat, cute. And though she would never admit it, whenever she looked into his deep blue eyes her heart skipped a beat.

As the cascading notes came to an end and the roar of applause filled the auditorium Hannah felt a gentle push between her shoulder blades.

“Your turn.”

This is one of my favourite stories so far, alongside Ermaline’s Feast.

To see what happens next check out the 1000words blog

Six Sentence Sunday – Published Stories #3

My third story for this series is called ‘One’ and was published on Free Flash Fiction’s website in August of this year.

Freya watched as they slept. Their bodies moving as muscles stretched and relaxed, rolling and turning to shift their weight from one side to another, always in the other’s embrace.

“They move together,” she whispered to no one in particular.

“I see.”

She turned; surprised another should be so near. “Father, I…”


‘One’ is a fantasy flash fiction, about the Norse Gods and their decision to end the world.

To see how this story ends visit:

Six Sentence Sunday – Published Stories Series #2

The next story I had published this year was also thanks to Five Stop Story. My story ‘Sanctuary’ also received an Honorary Mention in their June Competition.

This was her sanctuary. Her place of rebirth, from a life of surviving to a life of living. It was the place that taught her beautiful places could be visited, and peace obtained, without the exorbitant prices that so often seemed to go along with the island get-a-ways and rainforest eco-resorts. She had soon stopped watching the travel programs, those which inspired the mind to dream and then disappointed the heart with a price unacheivable in any foreseeable future.

She had never really thought about the holidays that could be taken in her own ‘backyard’. There were always the advertisements and promotions for the beautiful national parks in the area, but she didn’t know how to camp.

This story was written several years ago, though to be honest I have no recollection now of what triggered it. A warning though – it does contain references to death, specifically euthenasia, so if that sort of things upsets you, don’t read any further.

Six Sentence Sunday – Published Stories Series #1

I thought I’d start a series for Six Sentence Sunday of the  first six lines from the stories I’ve had published this year.

The first is from Ermaline’s Feast. This story received an honorary mention in Five Stop Story’s April Competition

As her wings shifted ever so slightly, the great beast turned, heading for the sun. Ermaline looked down on the people miles below and wondered that something so small and insignificant could be so tasty. Damn shame they fight back, she thought, wincing at the fresh scar on her side that had blistered from the heat of their torches. It was a bad burn, and not for the first time did she wonder why she was not fire proof outside as well as in. But it would heal, and she would be back, these humans were too good to resist.


It was a month before Ermaline had the chance to return to the village.

Want to read more? Check out the rest of the story here –

Six Sentence Sunday


A friend of mine, Kelly, who blogs at Black Wings and White Paper, has recently joined in Six Sentence Sunday – the idea being to share the first 6 sentences of a story. I thought I’d join in too.

The following is the first six sentences of Chapter 26 of my novella ‘Red Sky’. It is around 47,000 words at the moment, and going through a beta reading by several of my writer buddies, ready for improvement… 🙂


You undoubtedly have questions about me, about my race.

What happens to the men? Most assume that there are no men – that our species is lacking because we birth only girls. They would be wrong. Those who have delved into the ancient texts will discover mention of our men – strong warriors who defended us against the early humans. But then we women discovered our own weapons. 


What do you think she is? And from that guess – what do you think her weapons are??