Six Sentence Sunday – Published Stories Series #2

The next story I had published this year was also thanks to Five Stop Story. My story ‘Sanctuary’ also received an Honorary Mention in their June Competition.

This was her sanctuary. Her place of rebirth, from a life of surviving to a life of living. It was the place that taught her beautiful places could be visited, and peace obtained, without the exorbitant prices that so often seemed to go along with the island get-a-ways and rainforest eco-resorts. She had soon stopped watching the travel programs, those which inspired the mind to dream and then disappointed the heart with a price unacheivable in any foreseeable future.

She had never really thought about the holidays that could be taken in her own ‘backyard’. There were always the advertisements and promotions for the beautiful national parks in the area, but she didn’t know how to camp.

This story was written several years ago, though to be honest I have no recollection now of what triggered it. A warning though – it does contain references to death, specifically euthenasia, so if that sort of things upsets you, don’t read any further.

Your thoughts?

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