August News

Welcome to September!

This month I have another acceptance to announce – ‘What He Deserves’ was accepted into Black Hare Presses ‘Dark Moments’ collection. It will be published online sometime later in the year (and mentions a bit of cartomancy – hence the playing cards image).

I’ve still been working on a problematic story… *sigh* Some just need so much more work than others.

This month I’ve once again joined Ray Daley’s Short Story Submission Challenge, three days in and I’ve submitted three stories, and received my first rejection already! (Hooray for speedy replies!) If you’re a writer and you’re keen to join us check out Ray’s blog post about it (and his other plans for the coming year) here.

4 thoughts on “August News

  1. Congrats on Dark Moments! I think it will be published this month: the last few published drabbles have been a mix of Angels and Witches/Wizards. And the call info for Fairies said they’ll be published in October. Looks like they are doubling up to get up-to-date.

    Did you see that the Sep theme is Pirates?

  2. Best of luck with the challenge. With the pro-sale 2 days before, and a sale yesterday, I’m having a really good start. It’s a nice boost for the year long personal challenge too. I hope everyone gets something from this month.

    1. Thanks Ray! I’ve had a couple of publications from each of the other challenges, so have a good feeling about this one. 🙂 They’re a great motivator to actually get stories out.

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