February News

Stories of Hpoe

The biggest news for the month is the publication of ‘Stories of Hope’ – a bushfire relief anthology published by Deadset Press, which includes my story ‘Raven’s Sacrifice’.

I haven’t had a chance to read all 70+ stories yet, but I’m made my way through most of them and there are some amazing tales in this collection. I particularly love ‘The Power of Birds’ by Maureen Flynn, ‘Practise Child’ by Rebeccca Bowyer, and ‘The Garden of Hades’ by Suzannah Rowntree.

If you enjoy speculative fiction, and appreciate a story with a hopeful ending, head on over to https://books2read.com/storiesofhope/  This link can take you to your favourite ebook seller (it’s not available in print form at this time). And as a bonus, all proceeds raised from the sale go towards helping out those affected by the bushfires that swept across mainland Australia over our 2019/2020 summer, with all money raised split between the WWF’s Australian Wildlife and Nature Recovery Fund and the Red Cross Disaster Relief & Recovery Fund.


In other news! Now that I am not aiming to submit a story a day, my submissions have, of course, slowed down. I managed four this month, which is my usual, one-a-week goal, and received seven rejections from those stories sent out in January, only two to hear back from, now!

I’ve also been busily working on a couple of things… editing a novella I first wrote at least seven years ago, as well as a couple of short stories.

Should have some more exciting news to share with you next month, too. *fingerscrossed*


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