In the news!


September is over all ready, and so is The People’s Library, which closed it’s doors yesterday after a packed month of readings and performances and digesting 113 books by Tasmanian authors.

I spent the last two weeks of the month feeling ill and sorry for myself, and almost a week of that unable to talk above a whisper, meaning I wasn’t actually able to read at the “Readings from The People’s Library” event my local writers group organised for authors from the North of the state (Thanks to Isabel who read for me).

However, we still had a wonderful time, and it was fantastic to hear from the works of the other authors who came along. Plus – we were in the newspaper!


2 thoughts on “In the news!

  1. Thanks Kelly! 🙂 I actually had two readings last month, one in Hobart, where I was able to read, and another in Deloraine, where I wasn’t, so I didn’t miss out altogether. 🙂

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