‘Undoing Life’s Choices’ is my first published sci-fi story, published in Chronos: An Anthology of Time Drabbles, available now through Amazon. 

Chronos is an anthology of drabbles (a story told in exactly one-hundred words) themed around time. Seventy-five talented authors from around the world come together to present ninety-eight stories of time, time travel, time zones, time manipulation, flash-forwards, space-time, time freezes, and so many other variations on the theme.

The stories are many and varied – ranging from dark and scary through to light and funny.

Most of my favourites are time travel stories – too many to mention really, but there is Future Tweak by R Daniel Lester, The Benefit of Hindsight by Douglas Prince, The Red-Nosed Man by I E Kneverday, Beyond the Known Future by Madison McSweeney, and Last Attempt by Jack Wolfe Frost. But there was also Surviving Seaglass by Sara Codair, in which the main character gets a glimpse of the past in every object she touches, Trying to Make a Living by Patrick Stahl, in which people are paid in time, not money, and Ten Minutes by Max Shepherd in which a clock’s flat battery saves his life.


2 thoughts on “Publication!

  1. Oh wow, I didn’t realise this was your first sci-fi publication. Congrats! Hope you write more 🙂

    I enjoyed all the stories too. I read them on the train though, so didn’t take notes at the time. Will read it again soon because I want to follow some of the new authors that I liked.

    1. I just realised that it’s actually my second sci-fi, except the first one is a no-tech story, (the world has ended and we’re back to farming/hunting/gathering), so I didn’t think of that when I posted 🙂

      There were so many great stories, I stopped writing down names after a while.

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