#AWW2016 – Review – The Butterfly Man by Heather Rose

The Butterfly Man


The Butterfly Man is a fictional account of the later years of Lord Lucan, a man accused of killing his children’s nanny and attempting to murder his wife. In reality Lord Lucan disappeared the night of the murder, and no one has seen him since (no one who’s saying anything, anyway).

It’s a compelling tale, a man in dire straights – separated from his wife, desperate to gain custody of his children, and in an enormous amount of debt. Things only get worse for him, when he finds himself in his former kitchen (the house now belongs to his ex-wife), the children’s nanny dead at his feet. What to do but run, and use what influence he has to escape from England, to change his face, his name, even his accent.

And where does he end up? Tasmania, a house on Mt Wellington, living with his defacto partner.

The problem is that Lord Lucan, now known as Henry, is much older. He’s ill. He has tumours growing in his brain, little ones, inoperable ones. The tumours are causing him to lose his memory. He has a secret he’s kept for ever, not a scrap of paper to reveal him – it’s all in his head. But now it looks like that is all for nothing.

The Butterfly Man is an amazing story, in which the circumstances in which Lord Lucan found himself with a dead woman at his feet are revealed gradually, throughout a story in which everyone has secrets.

There was so much to love about this story, but I worry if I share it I’ll be giving away spoilers (I love the last chapter in particular), so I won’t say anything. But please – read it! This is such a fantastic story!

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