A Fresh Start

2013-02-25 08.23.31I’ve never seen such fog, in the middle of summer no less, the temperature still high, just knowing later in the day it’s going to be hot, hot, hot. Usually fog so thick sees me with frozen fingertips, wrapped in many layers of clothes. And the stillness this morning! We were running a little late-there should have been much more traffic on the road, but there wasn’t. The only traffic I could see was always ahead of me, partially hidden in the fog. And there was a strange, somewhat unpleasant smell in the air, which my children told me was the smell of millipedes, though they could not agree on whether it was the smell of millipede poo, or squashed millipedes…

I wanted to take some photos, and attempted to, on my phone, though they are not the masterpieces I was hoping for. I needed the time to stop, take aim, but I also needed to get my children to the bus in time, and so I missed the best shots, for when I returned from the bus stop the sun had broken through, as I knew it would, and cleared the fog. Traffic was as it should have been, and the smell had gone.

Today I also have the joy of being able to sit in silence, both children at school, partner sleeping in. I’m watching the amazing view I have out my window – all fresh and new.

And I finally got the chance to blog.

As my followers will notice – my blog has had a major overhaul. I’ve been thinking about it for some time – the previous title “Life at 30: Encampassing all that life brings” is no longer a good guide to my subject matter, which nowadays is mostly my writing.

Today felt like a good day for a fresh new start!

5 thoughts on “A Fresh Start

  1. Wow, love the new layout and theme!!!! Great job 😀

    So weird that you have fog there, but maybe it’s a sign of unexpected things/ changes to come this year? Positive changes, of course!

    1. Thanks Bec! 🙂 I love fog indoors and outdoors too – though driving in it can be scary – especially when other cars forget to put on their headlights and they suddenly emerge from the fog. Thankfully that doesn’t happen too often.

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