Hooray for 50k!!! :D

Just a very quick note to say Hooray! I’ve made it – story is finished at… 50,224 is the current word count. I have to wait until tomorrow (or maybe Monday??) to validate, and the Nanowrimo validation calculator always counts my words differently so I will come back with a final word count then…

8 thoughts on “Hooray for 50k!!! :D

    1. I’m sure I replied to this comment the other day lol – but apparently I forgot to click “post comment” I feel pretty good about the story – though I’m sure it will need some serious editing in places. But now it’s done I feel better about it than what I did when I was half way through lol! πŸ™‚

  1. Wooooow! Just wow! I have known many people who entered this novel contest, but I never doubted that you won’t finish it. Still, it is shocking at the same time flattering that I know someone who will become one of the famous authors in the future. Way to go, Heather!

  2. Monica I hope so! Or even if not famous, at least successful enough to live off my writing! That’s been a lifelong dream, just needs lots of work to achieve it I think!

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