Six Sentence Sunday #6 – Nano

This next sentence is from somewhere around the middle of Chapter 7. This section (including more just before and after this snippet of conversation), was probably the turning point for me, when I started feeling better about my story – that it was finally heading where it was supposed to!

I have to make an admission here – I edited last weeks Six Sentence Sunday, to make it more readable for the blog. This next one doesn’t have too many mistakes, but I’m leaving them all in. This is how Nano should work – you get the words down in November, and fix up the mistakes in December (or January, or February or…).

Though it is glad to know that you make mistakes sometimes. From all the rumours flying around, a man’d think you were near perfect.”

“What rumours?”

“Pirate Captain Morgan, only female sailor in the whole of the Nine Seas. Makes you sound a bit fierce, all in all. Not at all the woman whose eyes watered from being told the risks to her child. “

Any other Nano-er’s out there willing to share a snippet of your story? I’d love to see what else is being written this month (even if you’re not taking part in Nano, feel free to share some writing)!! 😀

Come on – don’t be shy! 🙂

Your thoughts?

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