Counting down the minutes till Nano…

After a hectic week that had me fly over to the other side of the country for a funeral, I’m home again, just in time for Nano!

My story this year is partly planned, a sequel to the novella I wrote during Camp Nano in June, a novella I have literally this minute submitted to a competition, after spending every squeezable moment of free time this last few weeks polishing it to perfection (or as close as I can get it for now!).

And checking the clock I realise I have 26 minutes until midnight. Should I stay up, and start writing at midnight? I’ve never done it before – and to be honest I’m not really sure it’s a good idea to do it tonight. A red eye flight home has meant little sleep in the last 48 hours, though I’m not tired – I’m still operating on another time zone, 3 hours behind the time now. And perhaps I should give my mind a rest, so I can start fresh tomorrow.

I also have other news! When I get myself organised I have a several copies of an unproofed edition of The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton to give away!! It looks like a brilliant story, though I doubt I’ll get to read it before December. More details on how you can win yourself a copy coming soon!!! šŸ˜€

Your thoughts?

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