Roald Dahl Day

Today is Roald Dahl day! A day to celebrate all the awesome stories Roald Dahl wrote over his life time!

My favourite book – well it’s hard to say, but at the moment it’s The BFG. My son is reading it for his home-reader from school and reads the story aloud to me. I love it.

Here’s one of my favourite quotes from the book:

“Words,” he said, “is oh such a twitch-tickling problem to me all my life. So you must simply try to be patient and stop squibbling. As I am telling you before, I know exactly what words I am wanting to say, but somehow or other they is always getting squiff-squiddled around.”

“That happens to everyone,” Sophie said.

“Not like it happens to me,” the BFG said. “I is speaking the most terrible wigglish.”

“I think you speak beautifully,” Sophie said.

And I agree – I love how the BFG speaks, how Roald Dahl invented words that somehow you know the meaning of even though you’ve never come across them before. And it’s been very educational for my son too – he points out the mistakes in the BFG’s speech and grammar, and we talk about why the BFG doesn’t speak the same way we do.

So – what is your favourite Roald Dahl book?

8 thoughts on “Roald Dahl Day

  1. Roald Dahl is one of my favourite authors of all time. I picked up “Matilda” last year at a friend’s place and instantly remembered why I devoured his books as a child. I can’t wait to start reading them to my kids – my son is nearly ready!

    1. How old is your son Batsy? Sorry – I’m sure you’ve mentioned before but I have forgotten – he’s almost ready for school isn’t he? I had thought Roald Dahl stories too be too old for my kids – we were working through the Enchanted Wood/Faraway Tree/Folk of the Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton (we haven’t actually finished the second one yet lol – been distracted by Roald Dahl)- but then DS brought George’s Marvellous Medicine home, and they both love it.

  2. I’ve been a fan of Dahl’s work ever since bedtime stories of George’s Marvellous Medicine, The BFG and Fantastic Mr Fox. I grew up devouring his books and, even though I have no children, still love reading them to this day. My favourite will always be Matilda, a book I love beyond measure.

    1. Matilda is a great story isn’t it! It’s one of the ones I don’t have on my shelf actually, and I must find a copy. I hadn’t read any of Dahl’s books since I was a teen – there are always so many new books to read (and with kids – less time to do it), so I’m loving the opportunity to revisit them through my son’s reading.

  3. I’d forgotten how much I liked The BFG. It was one of the books our teacher read aloud to the class in primary school. But the animated episodes of Roald Dahl stories from tele gave me the heebie-jeebies, especially one about a family turning into birds, I think…

    1. Hey Bec!! 🙂 I don’t really remember the animated eps from tv… but Mum showed the kids the BFG movie the other day and I have to admit I didn’t actually like it all – the BFG looked nothing like Quentin Blake’s pics – I was not impressed lol.

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