Another step forward

Yesterday I posted my manuscript off. Final word count, after a month (or there abouts) of editing: 59,479 words. 216 pages of double spaced sized 12 font. I have printed it out before, at around 62,000 words – but I try to save paper, so I usually print two pages to one, single spaced (or maybe 1.5). So while this story has made an impressive stack before, it was nothing compared to the impressive stack of paper I ever so carefully slid into an envelope and handed in at the post office.

How do I feel? On one hand I am relieved to have it finished. I spent a day yesterday of not writing, not editing – in fact I did not much at all, having a leisurely afternoon nap before picking up my son from school. Today I have submitted a couple of short stories, after a quick skim, to some competitions. I have been working on them a little over the last few weeks too – but while there might be room for improvement at the moment I really do not want to edit another thing. Time to do a bit of writing for a while, let my creative self out again and lock the editor away!

I also feel satisfied – I’ve finally achieved something I’ve dreamt of doing forever – I have properly completed a novel and sent it out into the world.

This morning I also received what I see as another step, albeit small, towards becoming a successful author. My first real ‘rejection’ letter. In the past I have mostly sent work to competitions, or to magazines which for one reason or another to do not reply and instead give you a time frame, after which if you have not heard you can assume your piece was not accepted.

But this morning I received a letter, stating that due to the quantity of submissions, and the direction of the journal, my pieces would not be published at this stage. However, they wrote: “Please do keep creating though, and definitely send more work for the next edition.” I almost hate to call it a ‘rejection’ letter, maybe ‘encouragement’ letter is better, because it helped to boost my already high spirits!

And I just realised I forgot to mention, I have been shortlisted in a short story competition this week too! It has been a brilliant week for writing! 😀

3 thoughts on “Another step forward

  1. Congratulations! I’m so proud – what a big month for you!

    Good luck with all your submissions 😀

    So, on to writing? Any plans for a new story? Something for that novella competition maybe?

    1. No plans at the moment… I’m thinking of starting with a few short stories first, but I still might do Nano next month – sit down on the 1st June and see what comes out! 🙂 I still haven’t decided for sure either way – might be a spur of the moment decision next Friday lol.

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