Camp Nanowrimo!?

I received an email this morning about Camp Nanowrimo. That’s the more laid back version of National Novel Writing Month, for those who haven’t heard of it. And if you have never heard of National Novel Writing Month the basic idea is to write 50,000 words in the 30 days from the 1st to the 30th November each year. For more information click here for one of my previous posts, or better still, go straight to the source at

Camp Nanowrimo, as mentioned above, is the more laidback version – held in both July and August. Having successfully completed Nanowrimo four times, I have considered taking part in Camp Nano! My first thought when I saw the email was, ‘Not this year, maybe next!’ On the other hand, I have been looking for a way to get back into the habit of writing over 1500 words a day, a habit which starts  around September each year (in preparation for Nano), and usually ends in the first few days of December. Maybe doing back to back Nano’s would be a great way to do that? Or maybe it would send me slightly insane… could be fun either way ;D

It’s only 1667 words per day… easy.

Anybody else keen?

(disclaimer: I haven't actually committed to this yet... still not sure I'm ready for Nano so early in the year...) ;)

11 thoughts on “Camp Nanowrimo!?

  1. Heather, don’t we have enough editing to do?????? 😀

    But, it’s tempting! Maybe we could do only 2 weeks or 1000wds a day etc. I have the discipline to do it, but I’d like to get other things finished and sent off first.

  2. Lol Kelly… yes – more than enough editing to do!

    It is tempting – but… I don’t know yet… will see how I feel closer to the month lol.

  3. I will be there! My name on there and the November NaNo is Fiery_Sapphire if anyone wants to look my up. Also, they changed it this year (I don’t know why) but it’s now during the months of JUNE and August.

    1. Hi Rachel!

      Thanks- I did have a look at the site yesterday afternoon and realised then it said June, not July! 🙂 Might ‘see’ you there! 🙂

  4. I might have a go in August – I have a week off for summer vacation then. June is too early though, I have a couple of things I want to edit, and I also need some new short stories for the contests. 😀

  5. No way am I in!! I’m still recovering from November 😀
    Do you know – even the thought of it this year is starting to scare me – because I know I will probably have a go again. Surely, my next Nano novel can’t be that bad can it?!

    1. LOL Laverne! I’m scared too – it’s addictive writing that much, but then editing afterwards is soooo daunting!

      1. Wusses!! LOL.
        My Nano novels have improved each time so I’m sure yours will too LaVerne! 🙂
        And Kelly – I’m not even going to start thinking of the editing – I feel like I’ve done enough of that for a while, though I still have more to do… very daunting!!

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