Tassie – Four Seasons in One Day

Well – two seasons at least….

As mentioned in my previous post, I woke up Saturday morning to see snow on the nearby mountains. I knew it was there – the cloud cover the previous day, alongside the bitterly cold temperature told me it was snowing, but to see it – so early in the year – was still a surprise.

We had planned to go camping, and so we did, and 3 hours drive away we came to this:

And the next day, we went swimming. Well… maybe deep wading is a more accurate description. I got in above my waist – but the water was a bit cool, so I decided that was far enough. My daughter however happily went for a swim. Amazing how kids don’t feel the cold!

(I should add… after the swim I did a bit of sunbaking… not something I usually do, but the sun was warm and I knew we’re not going to get too much of that now winter is on it’s way (and early if you go by the top photo). And I got sunburnt – not much, but enough to sting under the shower…)

Your thoughts?

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