Favourite Nano Videos, Progress to Date, and a Winner!

I have been procrastinating. It’s particularly bad today, because I now had a clear outline of how to get this story to the end… I spent half an hour yesterday (or maybe it was the day before… it’s all blurred together at the moment),  working out how this story was going to end, and how I was going to get there. And yes, my writing has deviated slightly off the outline, but in a better way! Much much better. So I should be writing, and NOT procrastinating. But I couldn’t help myself.

Above is one of my favourite Nano Videos (or at least an attempt to embed(?) it, I really have no idea what I’m doing, so here’s hoping it works!!). I can’t remember what year it comes from but it was incredibly inspiring at the time, and I enjoy watching it again now.

But watching old Nano videos is not the only procrastination I’ve been doing today.

Pinterest has got me too and this morning I began to search for travel pictures – of Scotland in particular. I’ve been to Edinburgh once before, for two days! I loved it! It felt like home! I’ve got to go back, explore the rest of the country, pop across to Ireland and explore that too! I can trace several branches of my family tree to these two countries (Yes, I’m ignoring the fact that Scotland and England are now the UK – that’s ok, isn’t it?), and I would love the chance to see some of the places they lived, and to maybe do some genealogical research at the source.  I want to travel again!

But at the moment the funds are dry, and I have other things to do anyway… like finish this novel. Only 8 days of Nanowrimo to go. And less than 10,000 words to reach my goal! I know I can do it, if only I can drag myself away from the internet for a few hours. :/

DS’s Young Writer’s Program experience is not going so well… “I’ll catch up tomorrow,” he tells me. He is now several days behind. He needs to write 80 words a day to catch up. I’m sure he could make it, if he wanted to. He has, after all, had a day of over 100 words. But I’m not sure he does want to. We’ll wait and see I suppose…

But I did come to post for a purpose today, and that was to draw a winner from the ‘hat’. There have been a few more commentors this week, but finally, finally – Monica! You have won!! Yay!! Will send you an email right now for your details, and soon your book will be winging it’s way to you! Enjoy!! 😀

I have one more copy of Kate Morton’s The Secret Keeper to give away. Comment on any post or page, and stay tuned for next weeks draw to see how you go!! 😀


Inspiration from below ground

We’re heading into winter here in the Southern Hemisphere. The days are getting shorter, cooler (I wouldn’t say ‘colder’ yet, although we have had the odd chilly day). In spite of this, my little family and I seem to be getting out and about more than we did over the warmer months!

Yesterday marked the 100 anniversary of the Marakoopa Caves first tour. To celebrate they were offering free tours, so my partner and children and I went along. The tour guides were dressed in period costume, and as we wandered through the cave the lights were periodically switched off, to be replaced by small battery operated candle lights – given to the children in the group – to give us an idea of what those first tourists would have seen.  Little compared to what our modern electric lights can reveal. My kids loved it – the little electric candles, the glow worms, the tiny crystals in the rock the reflected light from our guides torch. My daughter loved the stream or “river” as she called it, and it certainly sounded loud enough – I thought there was a waterfall ahead from the roar the water made as it travelled through the cave. Even the utter pitch blackness of the dark, as we stood a moment, failing in our struggle to see our hands in front of our faces did not scare them as I thought it might.

During the free tour we were not permitted to take photos (although if you go along at any other time you may), so here is a link to some photos of what we saw: http://www.molecreek.info/mole_creek_cave_images.htm

And I have come away with more ideas. 🙂


And before I forget – I want to say Thank You and Welcome to my newest followers! I hope I can continue to provide interesting posts for you all! 😀

Tassie – Four Seasons in One Day

Well – two seasons at least….

As mentioned in my previous post, I woke up Saturday morning to see snow on the nearby mountains. I knew it was there – the cloud cover the previous day, alongside the bitterly cold temperature told me it was snowing, but to see it – so early in the year – was still a surprise.

We had planned to go camping, and so we did, and 3 hours drive away we came to this:

And the next day, we went swimming. Well… maybe deep wading is a more accurate description. I got in above my waist – but the water was a bit cool, so I decided that was far enough. My daughter however happily went for a swim. Amazing how kids don’t feel the cold!

(I should add… after the swim I did a bit of sunbaking… not something I usually do, but the sun was warm and I knew we’re not going to get too much of that now winter is on it’s way (and early if you go by the top photo). And I got sunburnt – not much, but enough to sting under the shower…)