Books I want to read…

I’ve been trying to learn more about blogging – reading through forum posts on blogs, skimming (because that’s all I feel I have time for) other people’s blogs. I came across an interview with Thomas Keneally on Taiwanxifu’s blog: He is the author of The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith, a book that has intrigued me ever since it was first mentioned on a tv ad, of all places. I don’t even remember what the advertisement was for – encouraging reading perhaps? The title grabbed me. I have no idea what the story is about (aside from the fact it is about the Australian Aborigines), or even whether it is one I would really enjoy, but the first time I heard the title I thought ‘I must read that’. So it has been added to my list of Recommended Reading – of which I have several, floating about in various locations. I misplace them for a while – start another.

The problem is that along with the long lists of books I want to read, I have books on shelves I haven’t yet read. The Pact, by Jodi Picoult, I started just the other day, a christmas present from a couple of years ago it has sat with the other Jodi Picoult books (all of which I have finished) awaiting it’s turn. I started the other day, read for a couple of hours, decided I couldn’t read any more. The following day I found myself picking it up again – it’s terribly sad – a 17 year-old girl is dead, her boyfriend claims she committed suicide but he was the only one with her and has been accused of her murder. So far I believe him, and I have my suspicions about why the girlfriend chose to end her life – but Jodi’s books so often have an unexpected twist at the end I’m not certain it will play out the way I think it will.

My thoughts, I suppose, are that I really should finish what’s on my shelves before I go seeking out books from elsewhere – but that doesn’t mean I will.

Your thoughts?

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