And even more Quotes!!

I have 'liked' Nanowrimo's Facebook Page, and this morning they asked about inspiring Post-It notes. I used to have these - when I had a set writing space. Now I have a laptop, and find it easiest to write with my feet up on the couch... not really a great spot for post-it notes. Many … Continue reading And even more Quotes!!

Inspirational Quotes part 3

  I have found one of my book of quotes! I have several notebooks, all about the place. The quotes in this one range from thought-provoking to┬áhumorous┬áto down right strange! Here are a few... I've learnt that not all poetry lends itself to music - some thoughts need to be sung only against the silence … Continue reading Inspirational Quotes part 3

Editing! And Quotes, Part 2

I have been so busy editing novels and creating candles that I forgot to post on my blog! Here are more quotes - still not many from my collection, but ones I have been collecting up over the last few weeks. This collection is more related directly to writing than being generally inspirational. Life isn't … Continue reading Editing! And Quotes, Part 2

Inspirational Quotes

I can't believe it has been over a week since I posted. Well over time for another! I started this post a while back hoping to collate a list of my favourite writing quotes, but I've found that some of the quotes are good for life in general. I still haven't managed to find all … Continue reading Inspirational Quotes