#aww2016 Australian Women Writers Challenge 2016


I’m signing up for this again. (I first attempted the Australian Women Writers Challenge in 2014)  My aim is to read and review 6 books by Australian women writers, with at least half of those books by Australian Indigenous women.

My first book, which I’ll post the review for in a week or so, is Ambelin Kwaymullina’s ‘The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf’, book 1 in her Tribe series. I really enjoyed it, and I’ll share why next post. I’ve also got books 2 and 3 of this series to read, but I’ll aim for reviews of at least 3 different Indigenous female authors, rather than three books by the same author. 🙂

If you are keen to join (and you don’t have to have your own blog, or even write reviews), click here to find out more about it and sign up.

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