Nanowrimo 2012

Ah Nano! I love it! This is my fifth year of taking part in NaNoWriMo, and I am pleased to say I have been successful each time, some more than others.

This year, I was excited to be writing a sequel for a novel I wrote during Camp Nano in June. To my memory, Red Sky flowed from my fingers onto the page with ease. And I guess it must have been fairly easy, for I finished it in 19 days. Dark Sea, however, was like pulling teeth. Or rather – as I explained to my partner the other day – it was like there was a blockage in the pipe. The inspiration was there, I mostly knew where I was going, but it just took so darn long to get anywhere! I’d sit for hours, and end up with a meagre 500 words, and then all of a sudden, bam! The blockage was gone and the words poured out, and I had an extra 1500 in 45 mins. But the next day, the pipe was blocked again, and I had to go through the painstaking effort of unblocking it before the words would flow again.

Looking back, now I’ve finished the first draft, I’m feeling pretty good about the story as a whole, though there were moments when I thought what I was writing was utter tripe! Mind you, I haven’t been back to reread it yet, that won’t happen for a month or two… probably January… so I have no doubt that there are moments of utter tripe, but I’m hoping that mixed in all the mess there are gems as well, just waiting to be polished.

And now I’ve used every cliche in the book, perhaps I should go do something a little more constructive with my day. 🙂




Camp Update

I realised that I have not updated you all on my progress in Camp Nano this month!

Sadly, progress has slowed. I wrote the final scene of my novel at around 30k, and writing the remaining 60k goal I set for myself has been an uphill battle. So far I’m still on track, and I wrote enough during the first two weeks that I can now cut back my daily word goal to 1500 words per day and still be on track to reach the 60 by 31 August.

So what went wrong? I introduced some great ideas into my story to begin with, but somewhere over churning out all those words I forgot to continue the great bits. Now I am trying to go back, and recapture those brilliant pieces of story ideas, but I just can’t seem to get the same sense about them. It feels forced, chunky. Most of what I am writing now is repetitive – a rewriting of past sections, not intentional but somehow still happening – as I try to get to that elusive 60k. And it feels elusive. Word count as it stands is 42,483, but I haven’t completed today’s 1500 yet, in fact I haven’t even reached 200 words. But I’m stubborn when I want to be – and I know I can get to 60k in a month, so I am determined to do it again!

But for now – I need to write another 1330 words before bed…