Review – Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch



I have to thank one of the wonderful women in my local writers group for recommending this brilliant story!

Rivers of London follows probationary constable Peter Grant, who learns one night that he can see ghosts, when he tries to take a witness statement from one…

What follows is a brilliant story of the supernatural side of London.

There is a murderer on the loose, a spirit, able to infect people and set off a train of events that results in someone being violently murdered, while the person who carried out the murder completely unaware of exactly why they snapped and killed someone.

Meanwhile, Father Thames, and Mother Thames, both personifications of the great river that runs through the city, are having a disagreement, and their many children – all the smaller rivers and brooks and streams that run into the Thames, are involved.

Peter not only learns that magic is real, he learns how to wield it, his experiments (when he uses magic, his phone is destroyed, and he’s curious enough to try and figure out why) leading him to successfully summon a spirit with five calculators at the points of a pentagram, and a glow-stick instead of a candle.

Rivers of London is witty, and well written, a brilliant story line.

Lee Morgan – The Christopher Penrose novels

wooing bones would do

So my latest reading addiction is the Christopher Penrose series of novels by Lee Morgan.

So what to say without giving the story away?? Perhaps the blurb says it best…

“Chasing a ghost and echoes of magic, Christopher discovers the darkness that looms behind desire. Christopher is haunted and hollow with the loss of a friend unlike any other. When a stranger arrives with the secrets of ‘Old Craft’ sorcery and communion with the dead, Christopher’s fate will be altered forever. On that crooked path the façade of normal life falls away to reveal a world of wonder, but also danger. As the ghosts of the dead stir, what secrets will rise to the surface with them, and will Christopher survive the horror that is love’s other face? ‘Wooing the Echo’ is the first in an edgy new series that follows the life of Christopher Penrose. It is a journey into a world of the occult, seething with real, adult and believable magic.”

Book 1: ‘ Wooing the Echo’ came out in 2013, with Book 2: ‘The Bones Would Do‘ finally released last month! The series is absolutely captivating, and as I am lucky enough to a) be in communication with the author, and b) have a husband who will happily watch the children for me while I disappear into yet another story (mine or someone else’s, he doesn’t mind either way), I have been lucky enough to read the as yet unpublished Books 3 and 4. I won’t give away spoilers of any description, except to say that Lee has blown me away, taking the story places I never expected. Wow! His storytelling ability is magnificent, and he makes the act of writing look so effortless (as I struggle along with the 5th draft of my historical novel, a story that mostly feels clunky and unbelievable… *sigh* I will get there!).

This is a tale filled with ghosts and spirits, fae, vampires, and any number of other supernatural creature that you may (or may not) be aware exists, presented in a way that is so real, and so unlike anything you will read anywhere else.

Honestly, if you only read one series this year, read this one!

Oh… one little further note. Lee is also writing a new series, ‘The Lux de Rue novels’. The first book in the series ‘Unless They’re Wicked’ was published back in February and rumour has it is linked in some way to the Christopher Penrose novels… intriguing!