What are a writer’s chance of success?

I read a most awesome blog post this morning, which puts everything into perspective about the possibility of being a successful writer. Kristen Lamb, author of We Are Not Alone, words it much better than I ever could, but basically she is saying that from the millions of people in the world who have a … Continue reading What are a writer’s chance of success?

Belated Celebrations

January and the beginning of February was an interesting time for me, with some news that I thought I was coping quite well with, though in hindsight perhaps I was not... but all's good now (I think), and there were a few good things that happened that I want to mention: First, myself and two … Continue reading Belated Celebrations

Nanowrimo and the Young Writer’s Program – Day 1

What a day! Spent the morning avoiding my story, because I still felt as though I was in editing mode and wanted to try and get out of that before I started. So I procrastinated by cleaning instead - you know the saying - a tidy house equals a tidy mind... or something along those … Continue reading Nanowrimo and the Young Writer’s Program – Day 1

Small Successes! :)

I just found out last night that my short story 'Sanctuary' has received an honorary mention in Five Stop Story's June Competition! It will be published on their site later this month. I'll keep you posted! ūüôā (www.fivestopstory.com)

How to get good? Write 10 novels.

I have read several times over that the best way to become a successful author is to write 10 novels. Not publish - write. After 10 novels, the story goes, you are¬†practiced¬†and proficient enough to get it right. One author said she never bothered editing the first 9 - she just reread them to see … Continue reading How to get good? Write 10 novels.


So much news I'm not sure where to start!! So I'll start with the news I completed Camp Nano last Tuesday 19th June!!! Final word count 50,997. I¬†thoroughly¬†enjoyed writing this story, a pirate/fantasy story currently titled 'Red Sky'. I look forward to coming back and editing it in a month or two. For anyone who … Continue reading Success!!