Camp Update

I realised that I have not updated you all on my progress in Camp Nano this month!

Sadly, progress has slowed. I wrote the final scene of my novel at around 30k, and writing the remaining 60k goal I set for myself has been an uphill battle. So far I’m still on track, and I wrote enough during the first two weeks that I can now cut back my daily word goal to 1500 words per day and still be on track to reach the 60 by 31 August.

So what went wrong? I introduced some great ideas into my story to begin with, but somewhere over churning out all those words I forgot to continue the great bits. Now I am trying to go back, and recapture those brilliant pieces of story ideas, but I just can’t seem to get the same sense about them. It feels forced, chunky. Most of what I am writing now is repetitive – a rewriting of past sections, not intentional but somehow still happening – as I try to get to that elusive 60k. And it feels elusive. Word count as it stands is 42,483, but I haven’t completed today’s 1500 yet, in fact I haven’t even reached 200 words. But I’m stubborn when I want to be – and I know I can get to 60k in a month, so I am determined to do it again!

But for now – I need to write another 1330 words before bed…