#AWW2016 Review: Purple Threads by Jeanine Leane

   "I couldn't tell them I wanted to be white then. But if I was white I'd see myself everywhere. In the classroom, when I opened up a book or looked at a picture. In the crowded playground, laughing, skipping and jumping between elastics. Down the main street in town. Or on the movie screen. … Continue reading #AWW2016 Review: Purple Threads by Jeanine Leane

#aww2016 Tangara by Nan Chauncy

  If you're a 'liker' of my Facebook Page, you would have seen the post last month about discovering 'Tangara' by Nan Chauncy in a box of books my grandmother gave me. I posted at the time: So my grandmother was clearing out some books and gave me two boxes full! In amongst the treasures … Continue reading #aww2016 Tangara by Nan Chauncy