How to find the time to…

    "How do you find the time to...?" I've been asked this question quite a bit over the past few weeks - on Instagram in relation to my reading¬†habits, and by a couple of different people at the recent Tamar Valley Writers Festival when discussing my writing. I have three children; two I home-school … Continue reading How to find the time to…

Feel like your story isn’t ready?

So, I've finished a story. It's been edited several times over, and is as good as I can get it, for this moment at least. ¬†Sometimes I know a story is good when I send it out, most times I don't - most times I feel embarrassed that I am sending out such drivel!! Sometimes … Continue reading Feel like your story isn’t ready?

Young Writer’s Program

  I am thrilled to say that my 6 year old son is joining in the Young Writer's Program this year. ( We signed him up on the site, and checked out the Word-Count Goal Calculator, a brilliant device to help Young Writer's set a word goal for themselves. He typed away for 10 minutes, … Continue reading Young Writer’s Program

20 Days to go….

It's almost that time again!! Time for what you ask? NANOWRIMO of course! I love it! I've been checking out the website today - there's the Nano Video which has that awesome soundbite at the beginning and end. Let me tell you - that sound is one of my favourite sounds ever. Whenever I hear … Continue reading 20 Days to go….

NanoWrimo 2012 – who’s with me?

The people at National Novel Writing Month have released the Nanowrimo 2012 website today!! Nanowrimo is brilliant, and this will be the third time this year I have participated - having joined in the June and August Camp Nano sessions. If you're thinking about Nano but not sure if you really want to commit to … Continue reading NanoWrimo 2012 – who’s with me?