Six Sentence Sunday


A friend of mine, Kelly, who blogs at Black Wings and White Paper, has recently joined in Six Sentence Sunday – the idea being to share the first 6 sentences of a story. I thought I’d join in too.

The following is the first six sentences of Chapter 26 of my novella ‘Red Sky’. It is around 47,000 words at the moment, and going through a beta reading by several of my writer buddies, ready for improvement… 🙂


You undoubtedly have questions about me, about my race.

What happens to the men? Most assume that there are no men – that our species is lacking because we birth only girls. They would be wrong. Those who have delved into the ancient texts will discover mention of our men – strong warriors who defended us against the early humans. But then we women discovered our own weapons. 


What do you think she is? And from that guess – what do you think her weapons are??