#AWW2016 Review – Mullumbimby by Melissa Lucashenko

  "Circles protect you, if you let them, girl. But you gotta let 'em. Gotta not get in their way." After a divorce, Jo has enough cash to go halves in 20 acres of land with her brother, land that is located in the valley where her Indigenous ancestors once lived. She sets about rebuilding her … Continue reading #AWW2016 Review – Mullumbimby by Melissa Lucashenko

A Novel’s Research

Some time ago I published the first of what I intended to be a short series on the writing of my novel. That post was 'A Novel's Inspiration' and here, finally, is post #2 - a brief account of the research that went into this novel. First of all there were the bush walks - one of … Continue reading A Novel’s Research

#AWW2016 Review -‘Meet Marly’ and ‘Marly’s Business’ by Alice Pung

I'm reviewing something a little different this week. Meet Marly, and Marly's Business, by Alice Pung, are middle-grade fiction (actually, I noticed on the publisher's website they are listed as 'historical' fiction - hmm... I realise 1983 was in the past, but 'historical'? I was around in 1983... makes me feel ancient!) These two books are … Continue reading #AWW2016 Review -‘Meet Marly’ and ‘Marly’s Business’ by Alice Pung

#AWW2016 Round-up (Happy Mother’s Day!)

First up - Happy Mother's Day!! I hope you all get as spoiled as I did - breakfast and hot chocolate in bed, along with a wonderful home-made card and a bag of home made gifts -perfect! Just a short post this week. In my first post of the year I wrote about how I'd signed … Continue reading #AWW2016 Round-up (Happy Mother’s Day!)

#AWW2016 Review – Bantam by Terry Whitebeach

Mick is an 18 year old Indigenous man living in the small town of Bantam. He’s just moved out of home and is struggling to find work, a decent place to live, and a girlfriend. I've never read anything quite like this book. Written for those “whose reading skills are dodgy, or even absent, but … Continue reading #AWW2016 Review – Bantam by Terry Whitebeach