Inspiration via Nanowrimo – and our final winner!!

One of the things I absolutely love about National Novel Writing Month, are the Pep Talks. Emails from published authors, encouraging all the writers out there to keep on writing. Today's Pep Talk was from Nick Hornby. His words of encouragement need to be shared with the wider writing world. All of us who worry … Continue reading Inspiration via Nanowrimo – and our final winner!!

Nanowrimo 2012

Ah Nano! I love it! This is my fifth year of taking part in NaNoWriMo, and I am pleased to say I have been successful each time, some more than others. This year, I was excited to be writing a sequel for a novel I wrote during Camp Nano in June. To my memory, Red … Continue reading Nanowrimo 2012

Hooray for 50k!!! :D

Just a very quick note to say Hooray! I've made it - story is finished at... 50,224 is the current word count. I have to wait until tomorrow (or maybe Monday??) to validate, and the Nanowrimo validation calculator always counts my words differently so I will come back with a final word count then...

Favourite Nano Videos, Progress to Date, and a Winner!

I have been procrastinating. It's particularly bad today, because I now had a clear outline of how to get this story to the end... I spent half an hour yesterday (or maybe it was the day before... it's all blurred together at the moment),  working out how this story was going to end, and how … Continue reading Favourite Nano Videos, Progress to Date, and a Winner!

Six Sentence Sunday #7 – Nanowrimo

This is the start of Chapter 19. The story is beginning to feel stuck again, a little dull. The next morning I awoke, fear heavy in my heart. The other 'maids were already up, and the cave was deserted. More than ever I wished I could get to the surface, to feel the fresh air … Continue reading Six Sentence Sunday #7 – Nanowrimo

Writing from the Vacuum

Recently my father-in-law asked me about my writing. Specifically, how I write about things that I don't know about. He said 'obviously you don't write from a vacuum, it has to come from somewhere'. And I agreed. I talked about research, and how I could do a little research, and get an idea about something, … Continue reading Writing from the Vacuum

Our second winner is!!

Posting has been sporadic this last week, with a sick daughter earlier in the week, and now a sick husband, alongside two 'sick' cars - writing posts has been at the lower end of my priority list. Which isn't to say I haven't written any - it's just that I saved it as a draft … Continue reading Our second winner is!!

Six Sentence Sunday #6 – Nano

This next sentence is from somewhere around the middle of Chapter 7. This section (including more just before and after this snippet of conversation), was probably the turning point for me, when I started feeling better about my story - that it was finally heading where it was supposed to! I have to make an … Continue reading Six Sentence Sunday #6 – Nano

Nanowrimo Young Writer’s Program, and Homeschooling…

  I want to start by saying that I am not a homeschooler. I have certainly thought about it in the past, and it's something I wouldn't mind trying at some point in the future, but for now my son goes to a great school, (and my daughter is VERY excited to be starting next … Continue reading Nanowrimo Young Writer’s Program, and Homeschooling…

And the winner is…

The first winner of a copy of The Secret Keeper by Kater Morton is:   Laura!! YAY!! I'll send you an email shortly to let you know you've won and get some details from you!! 🙂 Don't forget there are 3 more copies to give away, over the next 3 weeks. Keep commenting!! 😀 And … Continue reading And the winner is…