Old Stories and New Writing…

The scariest moment is always just before you start. Stephen King Oh yes indeed it is - especially when you sit down to write with no idea of what you will write about. That is what I am facing in one and a half days time - with Camp Nano starting and me having no ideas. … Continue reading Old Stories and New Writing…

Affinity by LaVerne Clark – Review

Some of you may remember me posting an invite to the Online Release Party of the above book - Affinity by LaVerne Clark. Here is my (very belated) review! Affinity is a paranormal romance and I love that extra element to the story. It tells the story of Jenna, a woman of Japanese descent who … Continue reading Affinity by LaVerne Clark – Review

Beloved Books

If I had one wish, it would be for the ability to freeze time as I pleased so that I might stop and enjoy a book – whether an old friend or new adventure – whenever I felt the urge. I compiled a list of my most beloved books to add as a page here … Continue reading Beloved Books

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is retrograde. Communication is backward, confusion arises. Misunderstandings lead to hurt. The telling of tales is a form of communication, is it not? It doesn't bode well for the story-teller, the writer. I've started a new story - a short one for a competition that closes early next month. I started it several days … Continue reading Mercury Retrograde

How to get good? Write 10 novels.

I have read several times over that the best way to become a successful author is to write 10 novels. Not publish - write. After 10 novels, the story goes, you are practiced and proficient enough to get it right. One author said she never bothered editing the first 9 - she just reread them to see … Continue reading How to get good? Write 10 novels.

A gift fit for a writer…

It was my birthday recently. My awesome man gave me the best present ever - a medieval style leather bound journal - look at all those pages just waiting to be filled!!

Why I Write

I recently discovered I have George Orwell's essay Why I Write on my bookshelf. I bought it as part of the Penguin Great Idea's Series, at least 6 years ago, alongside other gems I still haven't read, such as Friederich Nietzsche' Why I am So Wise, and Virginia Woolf's A Room of One's Own. I've always known they were … Continue reading Why I Write

Alif the Unseen – G Willow Wilson

Recently I won a proof copy of Alif the Unseen by G Willow Wilson. All I can say is WOW. What a book. G Willow Wilson has created a world that is at once contemporary and fantastical, a world in which the unseen world of the djinn (or genie) is as real as our own. … Continue reading Alif the Unseen – G Willow Wilson