So much news I'm not sure where to start!! So I'll start with the news I completed Camp Nano last Tuesday 19th June!!! Final word count 50,997. I thoroughly enjoyed writing this story, a pirate/fantasy story currently titled 'Red Sky'. I look forward to coming back and editing it in a month or two. For anyone who … Continue reading Success!!

You’re Invited to Party!! :D

Introducing LaVerne Clark! A very good friend of mine, LaVerne is having an online party on Wednesday 27th to celebrate the release of her 2nd e-book, Affinity! LaVerne writes suspense and light fantasy/paranormal romance set in New Zealand. Her first novel - Guardian of the Jewel is a great read and I am very much looking forward to … Continue reading You’re Invited to Party!! 😀

The end is nigh??

Thanks to a super day last Sunday, where I wrote 10,028 words (to be exact) and the odd 2000 word day, and yesterdays 3000+ word spurt, my Camp Nano Novel is now sitting just above the 38,000 word mark. Less than 12,000 words to go to reach my 50k goal. But I think I have … Continue reading The end is nigh??

And even more Quotes!!

I have 'liked' Nanowrimo's Facebook Page, and this morning they asked about inspiring Post-It notes. I used to have these - when I had a set writing space. Now I have a laptop, and find it easiest to write with my feet up on the couch... not really a great spot for post-it notes. Many … Continue reading And even more Quotes!!

My Progress

For those of you interested in following my progress - Camp Nano is going well. I had a brilliant night last night - getting almost 3000 words down in a couple of hours. Night time is definitely my writing time. My muse finds me, and the story just flows!! The only thing holding me back … Continue reading My Progress

One Chapter at a time…

Writing a story a chapter a day is... interesting, to say the least. In the past I have always just sat down to write, and worried about chapters later. I have also, where possible, just kept on writing, getting those words out while they were flowing. This time, I'm not. I'm limiting myself. Once I … Continue reading One Chapter at a time…

Camping is fun!

I have signed up for, and started Camp Nano. Having never been virtual camping before I wasn't really sure what to expect. But somehow, strangely enough, it does have a 'camp-y' sort of feel to it! I have a cabin which I 'share' with 5 others. They are all at least 10 years younger than me, (with … Continue reading Camping is fun!