Inspiration from below ground

We're heading into winter here in the Southern Hemisphere. The days are getting shorter, cooler (I wouldn't say 'colder' yet, although we have had the odd chilly day). In spite of this, my little family and I seem to be getting out and about more than we did over the warmer months! Yesterday marked the … Continue reading Inspiration from below ground

Inspiration from the Tassie Bush

I read somewhere (possible The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron), about the importance of making sure there is fresh inspiration. That as writers, we can only output what we input. I've been stuck indoors, editing various stories for a while now, with little fresh input to inspire me. But last weekend, that changed. My dear … Continue reading Inspiration from the Tassie Bush

Inspirational Quotes

I can't believe it has been over a week since I posted. Well over time for another! I started this post a while back hoping to collate a list of my favourite writing quotes, but I've found that some of the quotes are good for life in general. I still haven't managed to find all … Continue reading Inspirational Quotes

The Big Edit

I've been working through the novel I wrote during National Novel Writing Month last year. Attempting to edit the beast. At 100,153 words it is massive - easily 40,000 words longer than anything else I've written. 40,000 words is almost a novel in itself. I've read through it all once, and I'm relieved to say … Continue reading The Big Edit

From little things…

My daughter loves getting out into the garden with me, especially harvesting the few things we've grown. She┬ácame to me with this pot she had painted at Daycare and told me she was going to grow some vegies in it. I asked her if she thought it was big enough to grow vegies in and … Continue reading From little things…

More from the garden

This is my third attempt at growing pumpkins... I have never had much success before, and although I still would not count this one as a great success either I am proud to actually have a pumpkin shaped pumpkin. We ate the small one (it's about about palm sized) and about a quarter of the … Continue reading More from the garden