The things kids say…

I was complaining this afternoon about stomach cramps. It's that time of the month, and as usual I have mild cramping on my first day. I told my daughter (aged 3) she should help me because my stomach was hurting and I needed some help. She looked at me and said "Are you getting old … Continue reading The things kids say…


My partner and I have been planning our candle making business for a little while now. We've bought some equipment, lots of beeswax, and have been experimenting. I think I've mentioned before the many benefits of beeswax candles, but probably my favourite is the gorgeous honey fragrance that fills the house as the wax melts. … Continue reading Progress!

Tassie – Four Seasons in One Day

Well - two seasons at least.... As mentioned in my previous post, I woke up Saturday morning to see snow on the nearby mountains. I knew it was there - the cloud cover the previous day, alongside the bitterly cold temperature told me it was snowing, but to see it - so early in the … Continue reading Tassie – Four Seasons in One Day

Naming things!

I struggle with names when I'm writing. ALL names - character names, place names, even coming up with the title is difficult for me. My latest short story (it's supposed to be short, but it keeps growing - stay short dammit!) is about faeries. Not little ones with big wings that sleep under mushrooms, but … Continue reading Naming things!

Home Grown Vegies!

Gardening is another one of my... well not passions, but certainly an interest. I love the idea of growing food for my family, but sadly I lack the motivation to keep up with the weeds and the watering so the results are never as good as they could be. Still I managed to get a … Continue reading Home Grown Vegies!

The three rules of writing

I was surfing the web the other day and I found this: The three rules of writing. And what a brilliant list! Generally I subscribe to the view that when it comes to writing, there are no rules - but I have to agree with Dennis Palumbo, the author of the above article. He … Continue reading The three rules of writing

Nice Surprises :)

I have a notebook full or writing quotes... somewhere. I moved just over a year ago, and while I'm sure I've seen it since the move - for the life of me I can't remember where I put it, or where it might be. Nevermind - I have a record of most of them somewhere … Continue reading Nice Surprises 🙂


From Wikipedia (what would we do without Google and Wikipedia!!??) - The act of replacing high-priority actions with tasks of lower priority, or doing something from which one derives enjoyment, and thus putting off important tasks to a later time. - There are three criteria for a behavior to be classified as procrastination: it must … Continue reading Procrastination

W. Somerset Maugham

I was thinking about the quote from Somerset Maugham that I posted the other day, and I realised that while I recognise the name, I don't actually know anything about the man! So here's some interesting info - mostly sourced from Wikipedia: He was one of the most popular writers of his time, and it … Continue reading W. Somerset Maugham