The things kids say…

I was complaining this afternoon about stomach cramps. It’s that time of the month, and as usual I have mild cramping on my first day.

I told my daughter (aged 3) she should help me because my stomach was hurting and I needed some help. She looked at me and said

“Are you getting old mum?”

Me: “Yeah, something like that.”

She runs to the bathroom and reaches into the cupboard.

“I’ll get you something to help with that.”

She pulls out the moisturiser and hands it to me.

“This will help keep you alive when you’re in the graveyard.”




My partner and I have been planning our candle making business for a little while now. We’ve bought some equipment, lots of beeswax, and have been experimenting. I think I’ve mentioned before the many benefits of beeswax candles, but probably my favourite is the gorgeous honey fragrance that fills the house as the wax melts.

Today I have been experimenting with photos. While I was working a little beetle came up and climbed onto the Crystal Pillar Candle.

My favourite of our candles is the Fern Pillar Candle:

We also have a fern ball candle and a range of dinner candles – in a range of colours. The photos are for our new facebook page ( if you’re interested), although I took so many I’m going to have a hard time figuring out which ones to put up. 🙂

Tassie – Four Seasons in One Day

Well – two seasons at least….

As mentioned in my previous post, I woke up Saturday morning to see snow on the nearby mountains. I knew it was there – the cloud cover the previous day, alongside the bitterly cold temperature told me it was snowing, but to see it – so early in the year – was still a surprise.

We had planned to go camping, and so we did, and 3 hours drive away we came to this:

And the next day, we went swimming. Well… maybe deep wading is a more accurate description. I got in above my waist – but the water was a bit cool, so I decided that was far enough. My daughter however happily went for a swim. Amazing how kids don’t feel the cold!

(I should add… after the swim I did a bit of sunbaking… not something I usually do, but the sun was warm and I knew we’re not going to get too much of that now winter is on it’s way (and early if you go by the top photo). And I got sunburnt – not much, but enough to sting under the shower…)

Naming things!

I struggle with names when I’m writing. ALL names – character names, place names, even coming up with the title is difficult for me. My latest short story (it’s supposed to be short, but it keeps growing – stay short dammit!) is about faeries. Not little ones with big wings that sleep under mushrooms, but human sized ones that live in the world of the mist, that you might get sucked into if you step into a faery mushroom circle, and stuck in if you eat their food. Ok, so maybe that also applies to the stories of the little fairy’s too, but anyway…

I wanted some good faery names. So I turned to google. I have a character who has one name, but dreams of these people who call her by another, and I wanted something that would really suit. I love different sort of names, but especially those !

What surprised me the most was the name Alfred. It was at the top of a list of faery names – WT?! Alfred was my pop’s name, it’s hardly a faery name! Well – guess again. The original, fair dinkum, meaning of Alfred is Elf Counsel. My pop loved a laugh, and always had a mischievous twinkle in his eye – I could certainly imagine him being one of the mischievous folk  lol.  He passed away 10 years ago this year – thinking of you Pop! Love and miss you heaps!

Home Grown Vegies!

Gardening is another one of my… well not passions, but certainly an interest. I love the idea of growing food for my family, but sadly I lack the motivation to keep up with the weeds and the watering so the results are never as good as they could be. Still I managed to get a few meals out the peas and beans (and most of the peas were devoured fresh by my children before they ever made it inside), and my garlic harvest (so far, I haven’t yet dug up the whole garlic bed yet) has had a 50% success rate. There were enough raspberries and currants for the kids to snack on, and we got 1 strawberry from the plant my son was given at school. There was plenty of silver beet (several meals worth still in the freezer). And we got to eat one or two lettuces before they went to seed. We have a small pumpkin (well technically 3 small pumpkins but the other two are miniscule and as the first frosts are coming soon they won’t get big enough to eat (I’m assuming…)) which should be enough for at least one meal – I’m hoping two. My four tomato plants that I planted, along with the half a dozen others that self seeded, have resulted in 3 tomatoes 😦 And the brocolli… well… I did get one feed of brocolli, but I’m thinking what I planted was something else – broccolini perhaps – because while it looked similar to broccoli it was definately not.

What has surprised me though, are my carrots! I’ve pulled out a few now – I’ve had the odd failure, things that are more the shape and size of a radish, but mostly they have been good, straight carrots, if a bit small. Yesterday I pulled a few more, another stumpy one, and some good ones. But then there was the big one – it looked a decent size from the top – but I just wasn’t sure. I thought I might get another stumpy one, so was preparing myself for the disappointment.


My photo doesn’t really do it justice, but it was a big one! I was so pleased. I added it to the bolognaise yesterday, which I managed to double with a portion of a massive zucchini given me by a friend. So, plan for today is to dig out some more carrots, and use up some of the silver beet and zucchini and make up a vegetarian lasagne. Hoping to make two so that I can freeze one for later. Yum! 🙂

The three rules of writing

I was surfing the web the other day and I found this:

The three rules of writing. And what a brilliant list! Generally I subscribe to the view that when it comes to writing, there are no rules – but I have to agree with Dennis Palumbo, the author of the above article. He lists the three rules as

– You Are Enough – Basically he is saying that we all have within us the ability to write. We all have doubts and fears, but those doubts and fears are not real. We should ignore them and push on.

– Work with What You’re Given – His second rule is akin to ‘write what you know’. Look at your life – use the experiences of your life to write – not just the events or things that you know – but emotions that everyone experiences whether they live in a large city on earth in 2012, or an imaginary village in a world ruled by dragons.

– Writing Begets Writing –  And the last – just write. Never mind what you’re writing just get the words onto the screen, onto paper. Even if you write ‘I can’t think of anything to write and I am bored and maybe I shouldn’t do this anyway because it is all just silly’ etc etc etc. Get writing. Use writing to get all the nonsense out of your head, so the stories can find their way through.

This last is the one rule that I have followed for several years now. I sit down and I write. When I want to write a story I start by emptying my head of the nonsense that fills it so that I can make space for the inspiration to flow.